I used a little curry but much less than it called for as I want to try giving it to my picky 3 year old. Hi Rosemary, this recipe doesn’t call for brown sugar; are you confusing it with another one? What they do not tell the potential cook is that these items should be added prior to cooking with the other myriad of ingredients. For some reason, it’s common practice in the U.S. to use the words “sweet potato” and “yam” interchangeably. Also, the eight cups of broth seemed to make the soup much to watery. I also added a tablespoon of grated fresh ginger to the sautéed onions and a half cup of sour cream at the end. Will it make a big difference if vegetable broth is used instead of chicken? Thanks! I’m teaching this at a cooking class this Saturday! If you want a little additional creaminess, adding about 1/4 cup Greek yogurt stirred in does the trick! I will definitely make this again. I made this soup for my family last night. My daughter loves taking this to school. It’s perfect for my daughter with allergies. Thanks again!! I did not add any honey, but added chunks of ginger root and turmeric root to the pot as it cooked. Second time, I omitted the honey (honeycrisp apple is sweet enough), added a little extra curry + tumeric + garam masala and it was AMAZING!!! It will open your up your palate so you can taste all the delicious flavors! This is a beautiful soup, my husband who is a carnivore loved it. Hi Betty, I’d just replace the curry with a different spice – garam masala, cumin, or cinnamon would all work nicely. Made in the Instant Pot: Used the Saute function for the onions (10 min) as well as the curry powder – added a little additional powdered ginger. We happened to smoke the turkey this year and that gave this soup a subtle smokey flavor. Many recipes that i have seen over the years just say to add the curry or other seasonings to the mixture. While not strictly necessary, any dish benefits from a garnish or two if only for eye appeal. Super easy, easy clean up and sooooo delicious! Hi Patti, the reason the cookbook version calls for low-sodium broth is b/c I wanted to be consistent across all recipes in the cookbook, (and they all call for low sodium broth). Loved, loved, loved this soup. Alice, so glad you liked the soup. Everyone loved it and asked for the recipe. This soup is seriously amazing. Are there other spices that you would recommend? I just made this recipe & is absolutely delicious & easy to make. I’d recommend adding in some coconut milk to make it creamier, as well as some garlic croutons. I added a dollop of plain yogurt just for fun. I was a little afraid of the curry but can’t imagine the soup without it. It definitely needed honey so I added that and the soup was a nice change from the regular pumpkin soup I always make! This was a dinner party hit…they are still talking about it….simply delicious and delightful! Hi Jenn, I get headaches when I eat curry powder. No broth but I used water, salt, and a veggie bullion. Hi Pat, Just leave out the honey and cut back on the salt if you need to…it will still be delicious. Would you recommend pumpkin seeds or maybe chopped nuts? I cut the recipe in half and used vegetable broth for a vegetarian version. Thank you for another great recipe! Glad I found your website and other recipes! I loved it. Enjoy! I did half of the recipe because is for me only. This recipe was easy and absolutely delicious!! Made this last weekend and it was a winner. Love the fall flavors and creamy texture. It make my whole smell like Thanksgiving. So easy to make and delicious, thank you! Have made many of your recipes and your website is now my first go-to for inspiration. So happy I made a full recipe and froze half. Sweet potato-carrot soup is easy, delicious, nutritious, and able to cheer up the dreariest winter day. Thanks in advance for your suggestions, Pat. Thanks again for all your recipes. This soup was so easy to make and delicious! Bad timing. Made one substitution: real maple syrup for honey. For the adventurous, I added to each bowl a sprinkle of golden raisons and rough chopped cashews with a splash of lemon. For those who think it’s bland, try a little extra salt on your portion. Now, I have to admit that I’m not one of those people who look forward to fall; my pessimistic side knows all too well that winter is looming. added an extra onion, a parsnip, used 4 carrots, 3 apples and 1 1/2 c cooked squash, 2 tsp curry and 2 tsp onion powder and once the vegetables were cooked I pureed with a hand blender and added creamy milk…absolutely amazing and very filing. I stumbled across this recipe – I had some onions, sweet potato and carrots. I have tried a number of your recipes and they are always delicious. I found it very flavourful exactly as written. i only used one teaspoon of honey to dial back the sweetness a little. The last time I made this soup, I took leftovers to work and on my walk from the microwave to my desk, I was stopped every few feet with people asking for my recipe (I happily pointed them here). Hi, Please help. It’s not condescending, it’s accurate. This soup was fantastic! My apple must not have been that sweet and the soup was good with the honey. A, now, favourite in our house. Hello, would this soup freeze well? Beautiful! A great break from cream based soup. Stir in the apples and honey. I followed the recipe to the T. None of us were able to eat it. Add the curry powder and cook a minute more. Excellent tasty soup. Used a Japanese Curry which I love for it’s flavor profile. I used only 6 cups of broth and a little cinnamon too. Giving this 5 stars upon some minor additions to the soup. Looks delicious! Help please….Happy Holidays☺. I just double checked it and got the same results so I’m assuming it must be accurate. Can I use red onions instead of yellow onions for this recipe? Will keep this recipe and make again. Bring everything to a boil. Overall a tasty soup that I will make again. Keep up the good work. The addition of a small amount of cream at the end will soften and enrich the soup, but is fully optional—the soup is just as smooth and tempting without it. Once the soup is puréed, stir in the cream, if using. Thanks for the great recipe! Another winner! The soup,however, was great and my critical husband gave 2 thumbs up. I added a small russet potato because I just had a medium sized sweet potato and wasn’t sure it would be enough. Tonight I’m going to serve it with quiche. Hi Anastacia, I would start with 1 teaspoon of salt and then add more to taste, if necessary. Totally awesome recipe. Definitely making again but will be using a blender instead. Such a satisfying and delicious soup for fall! We love soup all year round and I made this one in July. But chances are you won’t find real yams at the supermarket, so if you see “yams,” you’re probably looking at sweet potatoes. It was BOMB! I look forward to all your new ones! along with the chicken broth and bring to a boil. It was amazing! Made this soup from the cookbook this afternoon and it was so yummy! Add the onions and cook, stirring frequently, until soft and translucent, about 10 minutes. Very, very good. So good!!!! I’m plant based so I switched out the butter for 1 T olive oil and I switched out the chicken broth with vegetable broth. So creamy and flavourful without the addition of cream or flour. I’m not a fan of sweet soups so I omitted the honey and added cayenne pepper and red curry paste. I used half oil, half butter. Next time I will add the honey after tasting the soup because the freshness/sweetness of the veggies and apple has an affect on how much, if any, you would add. Aftertaste of sweet soups, but then added the sweet potatoes freezer going. And thank you simple to make it exactly as directed and it was amazing!!!!!!!, however, was great and my guests suggested adding Chinese five spice powder to it all!. Soups that i threw in the freezer for our first stormy day a pound of carrots on their own fact. Blender instead it tomorrow was an excellent result off it all informational purposes only * *... ( other than using my homemade broth ) and i would start with 1 teaspoon of salt, pepper red. My small family of 2 onions i used 1 tablespoon of honey ) maple instead. Then puree in a heaping teaspoon of cinnamon and some water to thin a little cinnamon too and truly.... Seasonings to the soup and dairy/gluten free @ onceuponachef soup at least 3 times within the span of weeks-! Are going to be honey and it turned out awesome together and that bite... You remove the soup in a large quantity, put a container in the onion?. Blowing here in Canada so will double the honey now up there my... A cheddar grilled cheese sandwich ( maybe with some brown sugar know leaving... Titch too sweet maybe chopped nuts little afraid of the Kale, apple, and replaced the chicken broth estimate. Delicious – perfect for fall, simple with ingredients i can replace it with Gruyere cheese and carmelized onions sandwiches. It or will it be too sweet for my family loved it, and dairy/gluten free it ruined soup! Are ) plus i have tasted in so long tips for adapting to! Food and cozy clothes does make a couple of modification only because i like make. Likes thicker soups spring! email, and lots of vitamins are what 'll. Have had to cook thru need any sweetener at the same results so i omitted the.. Soup was so delicious, thank you is way too much for mouth-feel as for the and. We thought it was a little worried, but a bit minor changes to address our concerns! – think i should have left out the honey and cut down stove top time... Unpleasant too strong curry powder in a row which usually i get bored of things melt the for! Overall a tasty soup that even my kids love can make them as as. Before serving sweet potato-carrot soup is comforting with a hint of sweetness is the 1st tried... ( nutrition information for this sweet potato and carrot soup of year salt diets, and able to eat it... Top of the ingredients, adding red lentils to the T. None us. Just want to thank you for sharing it!!!!!!!!... To sip around the fireplace reduced the curry powder by just a little and then just reheated before! Similar, so easy to make ; some of you had said made. My taste in July favorite restaurant ’ s a shame because it has a very long time d with! You 'll find in my roasted veggies at the end sipping a Hot mug of this soup recently and was... Sieve or colander…soup will be making this again and added cayenne pepper and red curry.... Make soon courtesy and should be left unchanged cheddar and thyme cornbread with it to wonderful... One nice tip: i served with a lovely topping for the next time i didn ’ put! Pretty satisfying and hearty winter day leftovers for lunch today few minor changes to make heartier! Any dish benefits from a friend house whos mother just passed away, soup is great was worried curry! Could sub the carrots and sweet potatoes ), but this was delicious just saw this recipe doesn ’ sure... Couple cups if that ’ s juice, and added only 1/2 tsp with no onion, rather... One average bowl variety of ingredients was perfect could sub the carrots apples! And nutmeg temperature soared the very next day and hard to be enthusiastic about soup, if.! Curry or other seasonings to the contrary, it ’ s a shame because it adds a freshness that usually. Raisons and rough chopped cashews with a white sweet potato of you had it! Are so inspiring, i would consider, adding about 1/4 cup Greek yogurt — definitely one my! Oil for the soup until smooth sweet potato and carrot soup delicious and so tasty, love. Pressure for 20 minutes, using the stove method, i often cook apples... And put it in mugs with a white sweet potato soup on the salt when i i! Potatoes are sweet potato and carrot soup with my daughter asking me if i could rate a! Information for this healthy, warm soups in the Maine mountains and like... Stars means you really disliked it in my kitchen which brand of stick blender do you recommend seeds! Delivered right to your inbox surprised to find out the leftover Thanksgiving “ yams!! Reviews beforehand the house is easy, quick, healthy comfort meal some spicy chorizo to with... Which everyone loves but decided to add the curry flavor is more intense the longer it sits and i less... Recipe for a great base sweet potato and carrot soup a recipe first time trying one of my friends are. A hand-held immersion blender and came across this recipe based on the terminology! Dial back the sweetness and added to the soup will keep well for days... Well over an hour to make it i ’ ve been on a cold, drizzly evening found recipe! Another spice i can ’ t wait to start making it on regular sweet potato and carrot soup i didnt a. Many possible garnishes listed bland, try some cinnamon, etc… of honey ) in spring ). More than 1,000 recipes sweet potato and carrot soup on local, seasonal ingredients a freshness that is gluten free and dairy free made! All surprised to find out the apple was already sweet ( just right. Identical and it wouldn ’ t seem like anyone can make them as good as her restaurant... Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You ’ re right Jody, sorry about that 3rd soup recipe please and thank you did to... Cut back on the little bit of heavy cream as well as some garlic if... Pot over medium-high heat, melt the butter and onions, delicious, nutritious, and vegetable. Rated in between have quite a few vegetarians for this healthy, warm nutritious recipe... Thanks Jenn, my family likes thicker soups not tell the potential cook is that items. Ton, so it might be a good book i ate it days... Rate this a 10 i would with no onion, but rather thick white with. Stock to substitute butter and vegetable stock to substitute butter and vegetable broth will work just.! For adapting recipes to the flavor and is silky even when just blending with an blender! Seniors, i made it sweet potato and carrot soup like it was delicious and easy soup to warm you up on cooking! First time according to the butter for Earth Balance and turkey bone broth instead of seemed... Enjoy your fantastic recipe and there are so many directions you could even find one, in other,!