Figure 1-50 Sheet metal stretching design. This means, the part needs to maintain a uniform wall thickness. Wall thickness refers to the overall thickness of the metal being used to create the part. Designing sheet-metal parts as 3D solid models sounds odd. Sheet metal parts are created from a single sheet of metal. sheet metal tolerances and their part design consideration Involve us during design stage to optimize cost and performance in component design. Sheetmetal design Consideration - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Sheet metal stretch considerations: The minimum fillet radius between the bottom and the wall of the tensile member should be greater than the thickness of the … Prototek can manufacture sheet metal parts ranging in thickness from .0.010 inches to .25 inches. The parts are punched, stamped, or burned out of flat material that’s easy to describe in 2D CAD. In addition to these considerations, using the ... Critical Dimensions Sheet Metal Forming – Outside dimension should be used unless the inside dimension is critical. Design considerations