Shapton … Company Name: Sekaie Inc. Office: Ri 86-3 Hamamachi, Nomi Ishikawa Japan 929-0124 Phone:+81 9013928053 Email: As a sharpening stone is used repeatedly, it tends to wear more in the middle of the stone than along the edges. A flattening stone is also known as a lapping stone, lapping plate or leveling stone. The base of the sharpening stone is tempered glass and thus 100% warp-free. A flattening stone is typically used to level or flatten the surface of a sharpening stone. I used a 3,000 then an 8,000 grit stone to get a really nice sharp edge and then went to work with my new Shapton 12,000. Third, the key aspect of Shapton … Second, Shapton stones have a very high density of those particles. The stone I ordered came … A practical advantage: the grit rating on the underside is always visible thanks to the glass holder. The Japanese water stone manufacturer Shapton, from Nabatame, Tochigi Province, probably fabricates the hardest stones. Compared to almost any other brand, Shapton stones tend to stay flat longer and need far less frequent dressing. First, Shapton Glass Stones are made from the most carefully graded ceramic particles on the market. Shapton ceramic stones are … If the sharpening stone is not kept flat … This Shapton stone, at 12,000 grit, is a different level.