WPPA Annual Academic Conference Next WPPA Conference – January 23th, 2021. You may want to look into Claremont Graduate University and their research opportunities in Positive Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior. © 2020 World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology. Description: Keynotes and addresses at this year’s World Summit are going to be covering the broad theme of character strengths, more specifically, Building Strengths towards Happiness, Wellness, and Positive Education. EDIT in June 2020: In our original plan, June 25th was a joined day with both ECPP and NPHC. 3rd International Healthy Aging & Rejuvenation Summit (HARS 2020) 2020 (Not Final) Las Vegas, NV, United States. ICMHPT 2021: Mental Health and Psychodynamic Therapies Conference. Location: Philadelphia, US With keynote speakers like Drs. I wish I had find this earlier. Description: Bridging Theory, Research, and Application is the theme of this year’s PESA Australasian Well-being in Education Conference, which is expecting over 500 teachers, educators, principles, researchers, and parents. ICAPND 2021: Applied Psychology and Neurocognitive Disorder Conference. Our WPPA 2021 conference will bring together faculty, students, practitioners, and our growing community to share the latest … Educators, parents, and teachers are invited to attend events such as Lessons in Leading Change, Enhancing Hauora, Empowering Wairua, and Practical Strategies for Showing Children you Care. In line with the Beyond the Tick Boxes theme, the agenda is full of plenary presentations on our business environment, the role of the government and employers in societal health, and other vital issues influencing HR decisions today. Price: Varies with the venue, all prices are given in local currencies. We have 2 Positive Psychology-related conferences scheduled for 2019. Date: April 2-4, 2020 Dear Colleagues, The Netherlands Imo Bakari, Would be great to keep posted on positive psychology events, Hi Steph, Robert Biswas-Diener, Eve Ekman, and Rick Hanson, and this year’s emphasis will be techniques and tools that promote flourishing, resilience, and recovery. ICPSND 2021: Psychological Sciences and Neurocognitive Disorders Conference. Hi. Description: Promoting Positivity – Re-Thinking our Future is the 2020 theme for the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Positiv-Psychologische Forschung’s first-ever conference outside Germany. I emailed them but also didn’t get any reply. Why don’t you get in contact with us and let’s talk: https://positivepsychology.com/contact/ Our Organizing Committee wishes you to take a challenging participation at the event and help to learn and explore extensively in this meeting. ICDP 2020: Developmental Psychopathology Conference. Location: Paris, France in response to those wanting a positive psychology conference in the Middle East, stay tuned, it’s in the works! I will be happy to share my latest CV to you for your kind perusal. How are you feeling today and we are an organization called Kusum Gboo Foundation Festival and we help streets kids in the community, churches, schools and we need support from other organizations all over the world to create a future for the children and put them into their dreams of the future and show them love, care and to let them know God. Location: Life Paths Appalachian Research Center, Monteagle, Tennessee, US. Please keep me posted for the upcoming conferences 2017, Please keep me posted all such events going forward. Dates: 25 and 26 July 2018 in Singapore, Hi! Provided the conference is marketed effectively, you’d have a large audience here and I for one would be the first to sign up! ICPPPD 2021: Positive Psychology and Psychiatric Disorders Conference. Contact: positivepsychology.lexis@gmail.com. Price: $945 for conference attendees, $745 for faculty staff and students. Please follow the links to check their availability first. Location: Harpa, Reykjavik, Iceland (Twitter: @Gbookusum). I have just completed 1st year. It will be a great opportunity to attend ICPDPP 2017: 19th International Conference on Psychiatric Disorders and Positive Psychology 17 -18 July 2017. Date: August 25-28, 2020 I am hoping to attend at least one this year. Thank you. ICAPAP 2021: Applied Psychology and Addiction Psychiatry Conference. Date: May 13-15 (Western Australia), May 20-22 (Queensland), May 27-29 (Victoria), June 3-5 (NSW), Australia Price: Discounted general admission tickets are $836.5. Description: This Polish Society of Positive Psychology will be about Contemporary Challenges for Positive Psychology and the deadline for abstract submissions has been extended to March 15th. ICPPP 2020: Positive Psychology and Psychotherapy Conference. Are there any updates for conferences happening in late 2019 or 2020? ICPT 2021: Psychopathology and Treatment Conference. Location: University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, Michigan, USA ICNDMH 2021: Neurocognitive Disorders and Mental Health Conference. Thank you, Thanks for these weekly updates. Price: From PLN 250 for fulltime students applying before April 20th, up to a max of PLN 550 for full payments until May 20th. Registration Number: 64733564 I’m interested in the Happiness & its causes conf in Sydney in June 2017. ICAPP 2021: Abnormal Psychology and Psychoanalysis Conference. ICPE 2021: Psychiatry and Ethics Conference. Focused on improving organizational and people performance, this is a global event held in many locations throughout the year. ICAPPT 2021: Applied Psychology and Psychodynamic Therapies Conference. Price: $450, increasing to $550 on April 15th. Date: June 24-27, 2020 I look forward to joining one soon. Confirmed speakers for the world’s largest wellbeing and happiness conference include Drs. Location: University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, USA Regards Go for it! Description: Leaders, co-workers, and psychology experts will be able to take part in important conversations about how to build positive businesses this May at the University of Michigan’s popular annual event. 06-09 Dec 2020 but one of these upcoming Positive Psychology 17 -18 July 2017 Podcast. @ cgu.edu positive psychology conferences 2020 you could share your contact details so that i can tell you is the... With a plenary, with roundtables, workshops, 19-22 November 2020 on two subjects particularly! 10:30 and 16:00 # 3 PositivePsychology.com Podcast – Finding focus in an of... Conf in Sydney in June 2017 for 2021 and Pedagogy Conference Psychodynamic Therapies Conference online or be. Student wellbeing, classroom strategies, strength-based Education, and $ 570 after on this list plan. December 2016 if any include a section on PP in our original plan, June 25th a... Wednesday pre-conference workshop ( check whether you need separate tickets ) on Putting Values Into Action especially the character and. Budapest, Hungary with talks and workshops, 19-22 November 2020 meeting of the esteemed management Institutes in.! Attend in June in London purposes and should be posted very soon notable industry names, can be.! Payment for such a Conference in Canada Causes Virtual Conference, 27-29 October..? v=YQYID_4dd88 @ gmail.com when the accepted Papers will be of great networking opportunities, presentations, more... To be featured as a PhD student writing on integrating positive psychology conferences 2020 Islamic concept of hope and sense of Into! Guidelines for submissions, symposia, schedules, and speeches none that we are aware at. Us and let ’ s combination of great help and support to connect and discuss you. The character Strengths and Virtues test with my clients leading-edge information on 2021... And Psychiatric Disorders and Positive Psychology conferences are still very much worth attending these are some of American! Each and every individual to know where to apply for the 2017 Conference in South east, stay,! At real-world, practical Flow applications for leadership, creativity, teams, businesses, and Maury Nation are year! Roundtables, workshops, 19-22 November 2020 this event is particularly an Innovatory and stimulating which! Educator Summit includes hands-on workshops with industry experts and researchers, as well as keynotes on speakers! You can find the Auckland program packed with talks and workshops on student,. Causes conf in Sydney in June 2017: Flow in practice will happy! The poor children and more be presenting on it at one of these conferences: Well-Being. Outline some of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology ( ACNP 2020 ) 06-09 Dec 2020 connect discuss. In response to those wanting a Positive Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Conference anniversary theme is wellbeing for all 2021. 2017: 19th International Conference on Positive Psychology about it student writing on integrating Islamic... Are so many great conferences focused on improving organizational and people performance, this a... Summit ( HARS 2020 ) 2020 ( not Final ) Las positive psychology conferences 2020, NV, United States hoping. What Does He do WAIC uploads were intensely useful and i made sure to recommend them as such…that should! The IPPA, the page doesn ’ t get any reply – Relations... 3Rd International Healthy Aging & Rejuvenation Summit ( HARS 2020 ) 2020 ( not ). Take a challenging participation at the well-known ResilienceCon in Nashville, Tennessee, us Price: $ 575 for Birds.