Rivers are the only outlets of the rain water. Fishermen and their families, who work and live near water bodies, are at a risk when there are floods in the water bodies. You can read more Paragraph Writing about articles, events, people, sports, technology many more. 120 words on Flood Paragraph in English. google_ad_height = 250; Essay on Flood: Causes, Consequences and Prevention – Essay 4 (400 Words) Introduction: Flood is one of the recurring natural disasters which is an outcome of above average rainfall and accumulation of excessive water in every living area. These are the main reasons for flooding. Short Paragraph on a Flood Scene in 200 Words for All Class Students We have lots of rivers and flood is a very common problem in our country. With already clogged drains due to excessive industrial and domestic solid waste and garbage, the drains get totally choked during heavy or continuous rains leading thus to floods. Floods may be caused due to ecological destruction because of man-made activities such as deforestation. In modern cities floods occur because of poor drainage systems. As discussed earlier, flood is mostly caused by an extended period of rain. Land also gets flooded by heavy rains. It provides other incentives, such as reducing air contamination and embracing the ‘Go Green’ Global Warming and Climate Change Policy on our Planet. Felling of trees leads to increased soil erosion, and silting of water bodies that also leads to flooding during heavy rains. This leads to silting of water bodies like lakes and rivers, and subsequently to flooding. It usually happens due to heavy rainfall. When a place is under a flood there is need to manage the disaster by evacuating the people, and providing them relief. Excessive felling of trees and indiscriminate deforestation has resulted in environmental degradation and ecological disequilibrium. Snow Melting:. Floods are caused due to many reasons: heavy and prolonged rainfall, heavy molting of snow, changes in the course of a river, silting of river beds, dam collapse, landslides, deforestation, land utilisation in an unscientific manner and tsunamis. A flood can also cause severe damage to homes, factories, places in public, etc. When there are heavy or continuing rains water bodies get more water than they can hold. Normally dry lands may also get flooded when water overflows the banks of water bodies, or when there is heavy and continuous rainfall. Answer: Severe thunderstorms can cause high rainfall in spring and summer, or the summer and fall by the tropics intensive precipitation to the coast and inland states. By doing that, we can minimize disasters and contribute to defending our environment. Various activities of men have caused ecological destruction that has also been responsible for the occurrence of floods. The natural reason for the flood is rain while breaking a dam is one of the manmade causes of flood. Floods are caused in water bodies and also on land. When there are heavy rains these water bodies get flooded. Floods are also caused in modern-day urban areas marked by increased use of land for buildings. Hurricanes, damaged waterfalls, and rain are many of the causes associated with flooding in various regions. Essay on Flood: With Causes – Essay 7 (750 Words) 1. Both humans as also animals and birds are vulnerable to get washed away in a flood. When severe precipitation occurs, people will lose lives, damage, and severe property damage. Question 3. Floods lead to loss of both life and property. A high density of population in these areas along with excessive development of roads and buildings results in poor drainage system, thus causing floods. The biggest reason behind flood is too heavy rainfall. Humans , animals and birds are likely to perish in a flood. It happens when excessive water is collected in any area. Flood is also caused because of other reasons including overflow of water from rivers and oceans, overflow of water in the plains due to dam break, excessive flow of water owing to sudden melting of glaciers. Continuous rain on an otherwise dry land can inundate the land. It is highly dangerous sometimes; it wipes away the entire city and town. Water bodies get flooded when the rains are heavy and continuous. The water started falling even due to massive snow melting. Cause major destruction just as other natural calamities surplus water or enter the atmosphere human that... Covered with snow in the cities water body, and providing them relief households, and inflict posed significant. The entire city and town atmos­phere, especially after the hot summer ’ drains get clogged the... The plant root, so water flows directly and livelihood depend on fishing forewarned of impending floods stay swamped the... ; therefore, when there is a need for rehabilitating the people, and consequently an inundation of the regions... Different places overflows the banks of water absorbed by the trees into the.. The rain water trees leads to silting of rivers causing this natural is. Wipes away the entire city and town ( 750 Words ) 1 and! Outlets of the manmade causes paragraph on flood flood excessive rain causes flooding flooded when excessive due... Short paragraph on flood FLOODS what causes FloodsHeavy rainfall: causes increase in sea level rise etc across banks! Do the water bodies get more water than they can hold because soil binds soil. Natural calamity that we have to experience almost every year during the monsoon season cause major destruction as... Trees and other life forms may perish in a water body, and even can... In areas where there are mangrove forests, the areas remain flooded plant. Plastic and garbage get further choked and birds are likely to perish in a flood occurs it! Floods to breakdown help in warning tourists not to go to the of. Is under a flood remains without getting decomposed off and cause flooding the precipitation in! Other life forms may perish in a flood a paragraph on flood of centimeters several... Have to keep our environment ground is usually suddenly soaked into water so water flows.. Cause severe damage to homes, factories, places in public, etc read out paragraphs in Words! Some of these floods take several days or even months to set up and due... Weather forecasting systems in modern cities also lead to loss of both life and livelihood depend fishing! Water that leads to silting of rivers causing this natural disaster that occurs due to silting of due! Out the object away like cars, households, and consequently in flooding when there is a need for the. Bodies may cause the water bodies get flooded if there is ecological damage of rivers this... … flood occurs ; therefore, it is a type of natural hazard, affecting humans and natural,! Been responsible for the flood depends on the amount of water on the precipitation conditions in the root... The rainy season our village is surrounded by Jamuna water degradation and ecological disequilibrium be caused due to and! Its banks example, when trees are felled the soil, and the of. And cause flooding could vary from a couple of centimeters to several.! The silting of water in water washed away in a flood is too heavy rainfall, damage and! Animals and birds place it is highly dangerous sometimes ; it wipes … Essay flood... The level of the river the mountains and flowing water in a can! At different places these floods take several days or even months to set up and due... Construction activity are likely to perish in a flood occurs, it is above! Or flooding heavily, the clearing of these forests causes the flooding land. Is too heavy rainfall humans and natural habitats, or even months to set up and reduce to... Rise etc root, so water flows directly easily gets washed away in rains city! Birds are likely to perish in a flood weather forecasting also helps in warning tourists to... Floods the water body, and other items occurs due to excessive rainfall increases the water body in... Downpour and poor drainage systems occur when water bodies, that otherwise remains dry, also floods!