The .DWG files are compatible back to AutoCAD 2000.These CAD drawings are FREE Download NOW! Home } Finishes CAD Drawings Free Architectural Finishes CAD drawings and blocks for download in dwg or pdf formats for use with AutoCAD and other 2D and 3D design software. This is a detail that illustrates the floor framing system connection to the foundation. When a sketch of interest is found, it can be downloaded in either a pdf or dwg format by clicking on the appropriate word. }) Detail of Boundary Wall in 2D – DWG. Order .urbangreymenu{ AEC Construction Details - AutoCAD .dwg Format A collection of over 9,230+ 2D construction details and drawings for residential and commercial application. } onemustopen: true, //Specify whether at least one header should be open always (so never all headers closed) defaultexpanded: [0], //index of content(s) open by default [index1, index2, etc] [] denotes no content DOWNLOAD: DWG / PDF (Right click to save these files) INTERIOR WALL FIRE RESISTIVE HEAD OF WALL DETAIL. collapseprev: true, //Collapse previous content (so only one open at any time)? Libraries of AutoCAD Details  |  Categories } DOWNLOAD: DWG / PDF (Right click to save these files), This is a detail of a floor opening with a header and trimmer joist. DWG, 6. Residential  | free. Elevation at Joist Pocket / 2>