Definite article the. Bring some fun into your day. The zero article. Indirect articles a an exercises for esl. Big … Indefinite articles a an. lntermediate GRAMMAR Games A collection of grammar games and activities for intermediate students of English Mad Libs Worksheets. They are great for reviewing your grammar and parts of speech. At The Fun Park! Click here to download the free printable English Grammar exercises for Beginners PDF … Download a free sample of ENGLISH GRAMMAR EXERCISES: 20 WORKSHEETS in pdf. A Day At The Zoo! Download GRAMMAR ACTIVITIES pdf for everyone. The grammar practised in this book 3 The place of grammar in language teaching 4 2 Practice 6 Validity 6 Quantity 7 Success-orientation 7 Heterogeneity 8 Interest 9 Summary ı0 3 Activities ıı Features of activity design ıı Practical tips 24 Part 2: Activities … Size 2,73MB Virus free - guaranteed by Google Drive! Description: Grammar Activities 1 and 2 are for students at a Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate levels, including those just beginning a course for … Who doesn't love a good mad lib? Articles: worksheets exercises, handouts to print. At The Arcade!