This is best achieved with a higher rep range around the 10 – 15 mark of a … You will see great results in terms of increased triceps and pectorals hypertrophy. Dumbbell floor press … What are the benefits of dumbbell floor press? Benefits of the Floor Press Posted on December 1, 2015 by Trusylver The floor press is one of the foundation movements of benching and the floor press been around far longer than the bench press (The bench press … Although there are various ways of strengthening your muscles, using a workout that specifically targets a particular place gives better results. Take advantage of that and be powerful and strong firing upwards on … Whatever your reason for wanting to try the dumbbell floor press, you will certainly see improvements in how your shoulders feel on a day-to … Concluding Thoughts – DB Floor Press Benefits. Benefits of Using Floor Press While the bench press is a standard in any chest workout, here are a few reasons to consider adding a floor press to the mix: Static Range of Motion: While you’re not achieving a full range of motion like you would with the bench press… Helps in building muscles; Building muscles is a tough experience. Benefits of dumbbell floor press Building muscle. Eb says: The floor press is a great way to work on heavy-weight lockouts at the elbows for your standard bench press.