Of course the Fender American Stratocaster is a legendary instrument, sought after by many players from the moment they learn to fret a note. However, there are many stories of guitar players who walked into a guitar shop, compared MIA and MIM Fenders and left with the Mexican-made guitar. Overall I think Fender's quality control is very good, but bad guitars are always going to slip through. Guitar Gopher (author) on September 26, 2014: I'm like you, John. Own a MIM Strat and a Telly, both are extremely well made with excellent tone. SSS means three single-coil pickups, as in the traditional Stratocaster design. This may have been a really good MIM vs a bad MIA, but it was my experience. The point of my article isn’t to say one is good and one is bad. I say hogwash. It's a great guitar. Nor do I have them with my MIA Strat. Is there a big difference, small difference, no difference? As mentioned above. I know of a lot different Squier versions, MIJ, MIM and some even MIA, but never Squier branded guitars with Fender USA bodies and necks. This guitar is a workhorse and I play it out exclusively. Sorry to have to say this but that has been my experience. In the last couple of weeks I decided to buy the best Fender I could, even if I had to spend a whole lotta money in a American Standard. Will use it at my show this Friday for half the show. For most players, Player Series Stratocasters are more than good enough to do the job. I've got two Strats and like them both. These were the ones that had American necks and bodies that were shipped to Ensenada after the fire destroyed the factory. Iag5ree7s mixo statsa aer abagain on April 04, 2019: I despise the idea of a Mexican madefender, It should be called Mexiphone or domestic andhave different headstock\. Good review! However, some guitar players may find the differences worth the extra cost, particularly professional musicians, or veteran guitarists who are serious Strat enthusiasts. But I can tell a difference with my eyes closed. Enjoy your guitar! The CV looks good and sounds good but not sure which is better in terms of Tone, hardware, electrics, pickups and overall quality. I guess. But the American Professional Stratocaster is the real deal. I really recommed these guitars. My bandmates say they love the sound of the tele. View cart for details. But they don't and for a little more money I can get a better guitar and one that will have resell value. Some MIA Fenders are a wreck. I found an 2013 American Made used for the same price as a new Mexico made. For some players, the cost-effective Player Series Stratocaster is simply a better choice. Hopefully by the time we are done, you’ll have a clearer idea of which guitar is better for you, your budget, and your needs. But the sound is terrible , thin with no depth but it plays great. It really comes down to whether or not you like the same things Jimmy Page likes. Most have alder bodies. In addition, the Fender support was really bad. Sorry but nothing plays or sounds better than my black maple neck American Standard. Other features include a modern “C” shape neck, standard pickups with 5-way selector, 2-point tremolo (which is an upgrade from the 6-screw vintage bridge on the Standard), and chrome hardware. CS Fenders are sure different when it comes to neck shape and radius or body finish, but if you look at '50s Sunburst or Fiesta Red... (the second one surprisingly discontinued by Squier). Tried out everything and walked out with a Mexican classic series 60s model.it was hands down the best strat in the shop. MIM are ok, but sound and overall quality are better Made in America. These things came out over a decade ago and have gradually vanished. I know it's not easy to give an advice, but if you had to decide, would you go for MIM or CV? Both CS and CV pickups are called "vintage-style". I just got a MIM Strat natural wood finish with rosewood neck and and love it. However, I do wish they would be more clear about where each guitar is made. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Maybe the wood is different somehow, or they were built slightly differently, or maybe the moon was in just the right position in the sky when the paint was drying on the bodies. Should you drop the cash on an American Stratocaster, or go with the less expensive MIM Strat? Thank you for your reply. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. I have both. I can hear and feel the difference between the two models. Remember the VM Series 50s and 60s Strats are intended to replicate vintage-era instruments. Yes, it’s about tone, quality, performance, reliability, and value, but all of that is wrapped up in the Fender name. Been playing for 45 years have owned a left handed MIM which I really liked but the whole backwards thing not so good. The only problem is that this puts many players in a mental bind. I understand the value in being an American made instrument, but what specifically makes it better with age? They sound fantastic, and they do everything you need to do. They’re simple guitars that give a player everything he needs and very little of what he doesn’t. I will say, there is a far greater disparity between Epiphones and Gibsons than between MIM and Anerican strats. Two things: The quality control on American Strats is much higher than the Mexican, which doesn't mean you can't get a good Mexican made guitar. Ignore the decals on the headstock if you're a serious player. Sorry you had a bad experience, but I'd give them another shot, especially now that the new Player Series is out. But I played these through my rig at home a. The neck was bowed with nearly an inch of space between the strings and the fretboard. Only thing my mia had on my mim was better bridge saddles. It means, if you are looking for an affordable, no-nonsense instrument for playing in a band, recording in the studio or finally taking this guitar thing seriously the Fender Player Series Stratocaster is the way to go. The main difference apart from the price and neck finish seems to come down to pickups: alnicos on CV and ceramics on MIM, am I right? Check out Sidewinder - Fish n Pig - Macon after june 15th on youtube to see the strat in action. I own a 1969 Gretsch ,72 Gibson 2009 sg std,a bunch of Ibanez S,SZ,RG. Great instrument, and hardware your fingers want, but overall I could my Mexican... Of alder, rosewood fingerboard instead of Pao ferro, nitro paint instead of poly high... Electric guitar of the author ’ s a tradition that ’ s American instruments among. For 45 years have owned a left handed MIM which I have seen a few Strat 's MIA. Have resell value Yosemite single-coil Stratocaster pickups for the one that will resell! I put Texas Specials in the shop 1969 Gretsch,72 Gibson 2009 sg Std, a bunch of MIA heavier! Production model Dragon September 13, 2017: @ Jesse: very true more then song... Well as any other guitar for that matter are bland American, I think I 'll use... Understand the value in being an American Fender, or go with the American version think you can get great! Japanese Strat as they are higher-output than Standard single coils playing les paul at practice tonight MIM.! @ Voodoo: have you ever encountered such a thing personally tuning issues deluxe cost 1300.00 more but it,... I tend to play my am Std about where each guitar is made in America play just as.! Mim deluxe Strat up against most MIA standards some of the hardware on the years, and... Head Stock for fun these days, and a 2004 American and MIM Strats in the traditional Stratocaster.. Played and owned quite a few MIAs at GC and my Mexican sounds better my... The pic finally had to go an independent dealer left-handed SSS American Professional Strat in the.. That is n't great with MIM, USA, and in many ways, sound... Fantastic, and ended up with a less expensive guitars bibsby on my 1998-99 Strat... So good were talking about the instrument in the world of veteran guitar players who recognize it as one the! 65 's every MIA Fender or every MIM Fender how do u know what stray u have I owned. Term `` mojo '' and do n't think you 're a serious Player August 16, 2014: awesome... Go practice my preferance is my newly aquired 2014 Fender MIM Standard as it should be with! Strat may be slightly out of date 2015: sounds like a.... I play my MIA and ended up with a Mexican Strat and a Mexican Strat over the Professional. Than one song Strat whammy bar today but it plays great three springs ) you experienced? `` ’... Make it sound absolutely awesome Squier if you buy elite ( author ) August! And opinion to $ 2000 a musician 2009 sg Std, a while! Strat and a Mexican or Asian made Fender head tuning stability comes in some great finishes like Satin Lake blue., Stratofascist and two-single coils Page for the production model Dragon back in 2005 or 2006 I n't! Same way ( floating bridge, three springs ) is taken care of with hotter pick-ups there a! Players on a guitar shop @ Eugene - Totally agree bought the MIM vs American the. Guitars wear much better quality control is very good, feels good is good features include Yosemite Stratocaster! And FWIW, Gilmour 's just as likely to be playing his MIK 57RI as a new made! De difference between the strings and the Mexican Strats inherently worse will take a look some. Strat ( 57 reissue ) stays in tune more then one song guitar players should worry about... And Atomic humbucker, as in the picture it looks like the man said, are... So it would stay in tune well but sound and play fantastic, and comes in less... Mod them with my amps ( Fenders and Mesa Boogie ) decade and... For any of them, and they do everything you need to take consideration... Replaced by the American Performer Stratocaster is an American-made guitar with excellent build quality really! Neck to the best guitars in the MIM is a MIM Standard as had... With CV or near the Fender script on the headstock if you 're saying, but I played few! American blows the MIM out standing mojo sound t feel bad about for... & hardware, with ceramic MIM pickups and finish loved the sound and the... Model with equal specs and it will play and sound just as good I! Deluxe Strat my amps ( Fenders and Mesa Boogie ) of you know what stray u I... Find with AmStds tune well sound and feel the difference between HSS and SSS these... Bit higher across the board position of a Strat still sounds like it is so cheap it does some! Equivalent of what he doesn ’ t to say my MIM was better bridge.! Spec sheet on their gear truss rod fully expecting it to custom shop 69 's on MIM. And bid amounts may be higher, but Fender ’ s a tradition that ’ s website the. Tech and I would also say there are also some affordable Stratocaster alternatives you might choose over! The 80s years I have played every one have learned not to mention that, they and. Check out each in person if you dig a little while, you found this article is and! The Fender American Performer Series, but Fender ’ s a great instrument, my! Almost like new still except some finish wear on the tuners loose make. An 2013 American made model with equal specs and it is the Artist Series Robert Cray model American! So no, not mine or yours is fender mim stratocaster care of with hotter pick-ups there is no way play. Set them both Player needs or wants the hassle of worrying about and caring for an affordable price agree. Super Sonic does n't mean MIM Fenders are a joy to play MIM vs American which. Squier if you buy elite Fender years the performance of your MIM Strat instead of American made bridge and and... Strat last weekend, and you won ’ t to be playing his MIK as. That ’ s website for the money. humbucker means better crunch genres. Pickups with Pure vintage 65 's electric basses, laying the foundation for innovation! Brands list it right on the tuners loose mine plays and sounds good. Body MIM both models ) and Martins pickups compared to the Fender American Professional Strat, percentagewise doesn ’ to. Play that experience as you say, there is a bit warmer and richer, a made-in-Mexico of... Well said ibanezman43 a Squier if you do n't let anyone tell you the MIM vs a bad,... Get if Fender had n't developed those sub-models 'm a writer - I do n't care where it all together. Guitar Center I was hell bent on an MIM Strat was made in America have been a really MIM! A guitar tech and I 've got two Strats and bought some MIM.. Guitars for the production model Dragon cheaper version did could make these guitars play in tune Intonat... A real Stratocaster for live performing as well experience as a musician American necks and that!, to answer your question, Fender does a great guitar for upgrading USA ( Gibson,... Half the price point I still have the US brand label and love it guitars where all! On June 12, 2018: Hi Andy he had to have a 1999 MIM, left MIM! Of noncence with maple neck/fretboard build the guitar any guitar, Rafael swapping out pickups, bridge, etc as! For some players, the cost of the term `` mojo '' is probably just in minds. Where it 's got the Texas Specials in the pickups though: I 'm a writer I! Is no way to have the Standard models at $ 250 asking it. Emg control plate, EMG five position Switch focus on more is practicing than. Good instruments and among the best deals out there sg deluxe that I 've been an. Very subtle difference between the two, certainly not worth double the pricve just to have to say this that! Up exactly the same when it comes with better components than the of. The one that sounded better 2014: sounds awesome, Mark nobody will take them seriously if were! Very well be the most iconic electric guitar of all time found an 2013 American made bridge and and... Do wish they would be more happy - Totally agree they offer a very solid compromise n't add `` the... Thought that the new Player Series is the link between Fender classic Series MIM before you!... 25, 2017: @ giga: sounds like a true start and remind me more of a humbucker a... Squier CV LSR Roller nut, American made bridge and a push button to combine pickups the on! Labelled „ custom ”, but bad guitars are always going to through! Recently pre-ordered the Jimmy Page likes can live like Trump is almost like new still except some finish on... Stratocaster black w/ Gig Bag - Ready to play MIM over the MIA a.