Collection of 17 quick and easy paneer recipes, which you can easily try at home. Find the recipe here. Paneer Recipes are an integral part of Indian cooking. Paneer is a versatile dairy product and is used in an assortment of Indian curries, snacks and many sweets. Paneer is a type of fresh, soft cottage cheese native to the Indian subcontinent. These are extremely easy one. Here is an easy paneer tikka recipe brimming with flavours of a range of spices and hung curd. If we go to restaurants, our menu will not complete without any paneer recipe. Marinated cottage cheese cubes are skewered and grilled on a tandoor to give a range of flavours that are mouth-watering to say the least. Cottage cheese is popularly known as paneer. Since my childhood, I was a great fan of paneer. My mother used to make these every now and then. Paneer tikka is a much-loved appetiser among all age groups.