No matter how dulcet voice you have got, if you don’t use a dedicated microphone for live streaming, you’ll sound horrible. The features of a dynamic compared to a condenser mic makes the decision between the two for live recordings a no … Buy the dynamic microphone and a suitable audio interface with microphone input. Read more here about how to choose the best audio interface for your home studio. The good news with a dynamic mic is you do not need to worry about phantom power, so any interface with mic … The audio quality of microphones … It’s a wonderful unit for … Three years later, Edward Wente collaborated with fellow Bell engineer Albert Thuras to develop the Western Electric 618A, the very first mass-produced dynamic microphone. If you’re in a position where you can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars in a top-notch microphone for streaming, go for the below-mentioned budget microphones for streaming. Once you know you want to use a dynamic mic, you have two options. A microphone is the most powerful weapon of a YouTuber and podcaster. Dynamic microphones, in my opinion, are way better for live streaming and podcasting. The Audio Technica AT2005USB is a handheld dynamic that is available in two different packages: Standard and Streaming + Podcasting.