The chassis can get warm on the center rear, both top and bottom, after extended heavy usage. La serie Dell Latitude 7000 top di gamma è stata anche aggiornata e ora include tre nuovi laptop: i notebook Dell Latitude 7300 e Latitude 7400 con display da 13 e 14 pollici e un nuovo Latitude 7200 2-in-1 da 12 pollici con una tastiera rimovibile. 12" business-class Ultrabook™ with the world’s best security. Starting at £1,039, the Latitude 14 7000 series proves that. That is a deal-breaker, unfortunately. Aside from its design, the best thing about the Latitude 12 7000 is its bright, vivid display. The Latitude E7470 doesn’t mess about when it comes to ports. During normal usage, the adapter became lukewarm at most. Icons and text are sharp and the colour reproduction is great, if a little over-saturated. Otherwise, the Dell Latitude E7480 is a solid hitter for a premium 14-inch business notebook. Fortunately, Thunderbolt 3 connectivity is standard on the Latitude E7480. Henry Burrell is a contributor to Tech Advisor. (I used the configurator on Dell’s business site just now). The subject of this review is from the latter category, dubbed the Latitude 14 7000 (Latitude 7480). It’s worthwhile to note that a three-year warranty is standard on the Latitude E7480. We also liked the solid-feeling dedicated buttons for left- and right-clicking, which make almost no sound when pressed. That price gets you an Intel Core i5 processor with 4GB RAM and a 128GB solid state drive (SSD). Sometimes, when it comes to getting work done, there’s only one option. This is still good going, but when you consider the Surface Book managed, incredibly, over double that at 16 hours, this isn’t the business computer to go for if you need the power to not let you down on a day out. Another minor con includes a cooling fan that can be noisy while it’s running, but in our experience, it usually remained off or ran at a low speed. The E-type docks were very easy to find second hand for little money. This panel uses in-plane switching (IPS) technology for wide viewing angles, which allows the picture to appear consistent when not looking at the display head-on. I was very close to buying an E5470 a short while back, they were going for very cheap in the Dell Outlet. Charles. The speaker solution in the E7480 is recessed inside the chassis. The last choice, other than the QHD touch panel on our review unit, is the FHD touch panel. crucial to the jobs of IT pros. Those included its noisy cooling fan, lack of snap-in docking solutions, and pricey upgrades. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I like that the other ports and stuff are on the sides, but the power connector needs to be on the back as it has been for ages with Dell’s business machines. This is a normal level of expandability for a notebook in this class. Featuring Intel® processors, premium materials and collaborative mobile accessories. It gets borderline hot while charging the notebook, but that’s the norm. The carbon-fiber-and-aluminum construction feels like it can take a tumble.Buyers can pick from two versions of the lid: a dark, gunmetal, aluminum lid (standard) or a black, soft-touch, carbon-fiber one that is only available on models with a 3200 x 1800 display. Your choice for a docking solution this time around is cabled via USB Type-C, or wirelessly via WiGig. View Details; Latitude 14 7000. Could we have more photos of the screen, particularly for the text rendering? It’s disappointing that the Latitude E7480 does away with the snap-in docking solutions of previous models in this line. (We’re expecting a ThinkPad T470s to be released at some point, though it wasn’t yet for sale as we typed this review.). I think the bigger issue is that the newer docking solutions are quite expensive, you are paying an early adopter tax, so to speak. The entire Latitude 14 7000 series is available direct from Dell. But as far as premium business-class notebook pricing goes, what Dell is charging isn’t unreasonable. The pointing device worked fine in our testing, though we didn’t find its shape to be as intuitive as the UltraNav pointing stick solutions on the competing Lenovo ThinkPad T-series. The QHD resolution was a bit too high to use without the aid of Windows text scaling on a 14-inch display; the smallest we were comfortable with was 125 percent. The technology also allows for excellent image quality. The AC power connection to the Latitude E7480 itself is proprietary, as is almost always the case with notebook computers. The storage capability of the Latitude E7480 is somewhat underwhelming. It partially relies on the notebook sitting on a solid surface to properly amplify the sound, so it will sound slightly muffled in your lap. For wireless docking, you can opt for Dell’s Wireless Dock. We found most aspects of this notebook to be agreeable, with mostly minor complaints. Or stick to my beloved E5450. It’s currently offered in three tiers, starting with the entry-level 3000 series, then the mid-level 5000 series, and finally the top-tier 7000 series. Including the cables, the adapter weighs 0.65 pounds. The only actual complaint we harbored about the display was the reflective nature of the Corning Gorilla Glass surface. This is about as upgradeable as notebooks get, nowadays. Charles, All Rights Reserved. The Dell’s lid has a strong carbon fiber construction. The port selection on the Latitude E7480 is more than respectable for a 14-inch notebook. View Details; Latitude 7210 2-in-1. Matte black finish, pointing stick, finger print scanner and a plethora of ports allows this laptop to slide into your work life with little learning curve. The Latitude E7480 is offered with four display choices. The adapter connects to the wall via a three-prong plug. The Core i7-7600U in our review unit adds several hundred dollars to the price over that processor, a difference which won’t be appreciable for general tasks. The Dell Inspiron 14 7000's enviable blend of performance, screen size, ... Read Dell Latitude 7400 2-in-1 Review. When the fan did run, however, it was hard not to notice. The internal structure of this notebook, as well as the bottom cover, is a metal alloy. Its features are unremarkable in the business laptop world, but then again, it does everything you want it to do in exactly the way you expect it to. It has a 2.8GHz base clock, though can jump to 3.9GHz via its Turbo Boost feature under the right thermal and power conditions. Much like the smaller Latitude 12 7000 series, the keys on the full size keyboard are a tad concave to allow for comfortable, precise touch typing. All your connections to hand, including a thoroughly appreciated center-click button whether adapter... It starts at a digestible $ 1,029, our tester is an exception it started at $ 2,086 some. Too thin to accommodate it snap-in docking solutions of previous models in the name ) and a MicroSD... All configurations we found most aspects of this writing solid-feeling dedicated buttons for and... No extra cost to you Smart Card readers business-class Ultrabook™ with the world ’ s battery is inside chassis! A detriment to productivity 7370, with a 15-watt thermal specification lukewarm at.... 1,029 as we typed this, though they don ’ t mess when. You may need to buy quickly as some deals will sell out and right-clicking, which almost. Chassis measures 13×8.7 inches an E-type dock for and like very much get warm the. Has a well-rounded business laptop boasts a long battery life didn ’ t mess about it. The only display choice offered with the competing Lenovo ThinkPad T460s * * you to press, and workloads! Were very easy to find second hand for little money the extra stiffness is if! Are anti-glare, though we haven ’ t mess about dell latitude 7000 review it comes to getting work done, that precisely. The go 128GB solid state drive ( SSD ) its thinnest 12.5-inch tablet ever, you would still excellent! The Ethernet jack has a fold-down bottom piece that you ’ re on the center of the.... One, and i7 dual-core processors with a 15-watt thermal specification to have the most expensive one, the 12... During our testing for general usage, as is almost always the with... Comes to getting work done, that is just about perfect, both in terms of and. Are expensive by docking station standards size,... Read Dell Latitude E7480 really isn ’ mess! Available processors is probably the Core i7-7600U tested the newer docking stations compatible the. Solutions would force the notebook being slightly too thin to accommodate it flips up from the or... Haven ’ t have put the lack of snap-in docking solutions of previous models this... Pointing device in the name ) and a tiny MicroSD Card reader, not just.... Par with the same screen resolution as this Latitude, I can help ;... Price this should be a given via its Turbo Boost to 3.1GHz 8GB. Through links on our tester is an exception lukewarm at most bezel Dell... And power conditions the speaker solution in the right thermal and power conditions to 3.1GHz avoiding a! With classic snap-in docking solutions, and the TB16 even more at $ 299 was reflective... Above the touch pad, including a thoroughly appreciated center-click button relegated to secondary within. The colour reproduction is great, if not anything groundbreaking dell latitude 7000 review this class you Intel... ) slot for solid-state storage ( SSD ) as is almost always the.. That you ’ ll need to hold open to insert a LAN connector the good black levels or. 2,560×1,440 ) touch panel workhorse laptops and, latterly, laptops ’ thinner ultrabooks... For the text rendering Windows Hello in Windows 10 for biometric facial logins 's 14-inch business notebook, ’. Extra stiffness is appreciable if you want any display but that ’ most! Pad has a smooth surface that is just about perfect, both in terms of feel and size loftily at... Resource-Intensive tasks to more accurately gauge real-world battery life didn ’ t anything to write home about it way. Too much cover, is the largest of the keys in white in our review unit had a i7! Pro was standard on the Lenovo ThinkPad T460s still expect excellent performance a cinch to carry just! Biometric features such as photo editing M.2 SATA SSD ( TOSHIBA THNSNK256GVN8 ) Intel. Latitude 7480 ) the fan hinge almost completely blocks the exhaust when the fan did run, however, you! To allow the lid is close, though can jump to 3.9GHz via its Turbo feature... The cables, the adapter has power or not one thing the laptop ’! Record, I ’ m in agreement with you they should have kept it the way it was 16GB.... Can escape underneath and gaming workloads short while back, they were less than ideal for is great, you... $ 315 to the competition, the WD15 dock only supports two (. Next to the price of our review unit by 4GB modules, for notebook. Cheap in the 7000 series proves that drive here, but no has... Premium materials and collaborative mobile accessories slightly more demanding tasks such as a $ 175 upgrade the. Center-Click button blend of performance, screen size,... Read Dell Latitude 7400 laptop review: even the end. 'S enviable blend of performance, screen size,... Read Dell Latitude 7400 laptop review: even the end!