In 2009 and 2014, Distelhäuser was named Brewery of the Year by the German Agricultural Society (DLG). So seriously was the science of brewing taken in the past … These are the perfect beers to fill your pints and steins and chug down, waiting and ready for October to roll around.Germany's 1,200 … Throughout Germany beer is drunk at various times of day, generally with meals or alongside the most popular bar nibble, lightly salted pretzels. This is a list composed of the best German lagers and ales. The Reinheits Boten will include the following Distelhäuser beers: Pilsener, an award-winning take on the classic German style; Landbier, a dark lager beer… Oktoberfest 2020: 10 best German beers that celebrate the country’s finest brews. While the annual festival may be cancelled, enjoy a taste of the event with these beers