[14] [15] Caterpillar machinery is recognizable by its trademark "Caterpillar Yellow" livery and the "CAT" logo. The first logo of the company is the wavy word “CATERPILLAR.” It is commonly believed that its shape symbolizes the tractor track. Military contracts formed the major part of the company's production. A bright shade of yellow complements the black and white color scheme. Global Leadership Coalition, Global Trust members", Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club, Antique Caterpillar Machinery Enthusiasts, Caterpillar Tractor Company Photograph Collection at Baker Library Historical Collections, Harvard Business School, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America, List of automobiles manufactured in the United States, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Owner–Operator Independent Drivers Association, National Motor Freight Traffic Association, Glossary of the American trucking industry, Companies in the Chicago metropolitan area, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Caterpillar_Inc.&oldid=991219318, Companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Manufacturing companies established in 1925, Companies in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Multinational companies headquartered in the United States, Manufacturing companies based in Illinois, Engine manufacturers of the United States, Pages with non-numeric formatnum arguments, Articles with dead external links from August 2010, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2010, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2011, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2010, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Wikipedia articles with BIBSYS identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Work Tools for Construction and Mining Equipment, e.g. Gone are the additional inscriptions located under the “CATERPILLAR.”. U. S. “,” PAT. Claas and Caterpillar formed a joint venture, Claas Omaha, to build combine harvesters in Omaha, Nebraska, USA under the CAT brand. The current company logo is rectangular. At the bottom, there are subtle light gray phrases “REG. But this also made the tractors increasingly complex, expensive, and difficult to maintain. [165] Economic development projects in developing countries (particularly in rural, agricultural regions) serve as new markets for Caterpillar products by improving political and economic stability and raising average incomes. Caterpillar has a corporate governance structure where the chairman of the board also acts as chief executive officer (CEO). Caterpillar is a member of the U.S. C. L. Best Gas Tractor Company, formed by Clarence Leo Best in 1910 and Holt's primary competitor, had during the war received government support enabling it to supply farmers with the smaller agricultural tractors they needed. The board has three committees: audit; compensation and human resources; governance and public policy.[133]. A portion of Caterpillar's business is in the manufacturing of diesel and natural gas engines and gas turbines which, in addition to their use in the company's own vehicles, are used as the prime movers in locomotives, semi trucks, marine vessels, and ships, as well as providing the power source for peak-load power plants and emergency generators. [citation needed], Caterpillar has manufactured in Brazil since 1960. Most likely, this is either Helvetica Compressed or Helvetica Inserat Roman. [26] The new location at 500 Lake Cook Road is the former site of a Fiatallis plant that manufactured wheel loaders for many years. Medium wheel loaders are manufactured at: Aurora, Illinois; Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan; Gosselies, Charleroi, Belgium; Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil;[105] India; and the People's Republic of China. [141] In 1994, Caterpillar offered a contract to the UAW members that would have raised the salary of top workers from $35,000 to $39,000 per year. Caterpillar adopted the diesel engine to replace gasoline engines. Current employment figures represent a decline of 17,900 employees compared the third quarter of 2008. Caterpillar opened these new facilities in Clayton and Sanford, North Carolina; Greenville, South Carolina; Corinth, Mississippi; Dyersburg, Tennessee; Griffin and LaGrange, Georgia; Seguin, Texas; and North Little Rock, Arkansas. In 1928, the 2 Ton was discontinued. The strike ended with the UAW deciding to return to work without a contract despite record revenues and profits by Caterpillar. [119][120] A lawsuit against Israel and Israeli Defense Ministry was rejected by the court, ruling that her death was an accident, caused by restricted field of view from the heavily armored operators' cabin. Rounded lines and rectangular serifs are striking. Another version features just the first syllable – “CAT” featuring the triangle. The heavy-duty tractors needed by the military were unsuitable for farmers. [28] Over the next four years, the Holt tractor became a major artillery tractor, mainly used to haul medium guns like the 6-inch howitzer, the 60-pounder, and later the 9.2-inch howitzer. Hi ! By 1929, sales climbed to US$52.8 million, and Caterpillar continued to grow throughout the Great Depression of the 1930s. Wolverine World Wide is one example, a licensee since 1994 and currently the sole company licensed to produce Cat branded footwear. [150], Caterpillar in 2004 participated in initiatives such as the United States Environmental Protection Agency's National Clean Diesel Campaign program, which encourages retrofitting fleets of older buses and trucks with newer diesel engines that meet higher emissions standards. The iconic combination of black and yellow has been the distinctive feature of the CAT logo since 1989. Whether you need a cute cat logo for your cafe, pet store or vet hospital, try the BrandCrowd logo maker to discover hundreds of cute cat logos. On January 31, 2017, the company announced plans to move their headquarters from Peoria, Illinois to Deerfield, Illinois by the end of 2017. [111], In October 2010, Caterpillar announced it would buy German engine-manufacturer MWM GmbH from 3i for $810 million.[85]. The small size wheel loaders (SWL) are designed and manufactured at facilities in Clayton, North Carolina. The company has faced criticism for this perceived "bullying", even when the likelihood of confusion is low.[162][163][164]. [137], As of December 31, 2009, Caterpillar employed 93,813 persons of whom 50,562 are located outside the United States. The behavior of all employees is governed by a code of worldwide business conduct, first published in 1974 and last amended in 2005, which sets the corporate standard for honesty and ethical behavior. Two years later Holt sold his first steam-powered tractor crawlers for US$5,500, about US$128,000 today. Those investigations uncovered significant changes in Caterpillar's offshore tax strategy, culminating in the creation of the new Swiss subsidiary Caterpillar SARL (CSARL) in Geneva. As of December 2018,[134] the board of directors was composed as follows:[135], On January 1, 2017, Jim Umpleby succeeded Douglas R. Oberhelman as CEO and Dave Calhoun became non-executive chairman. This ended Cat's venture into agriculture. In 2002, Cat sold its stake to Claas, and licensed the use of CAT and the CAT yellow livery to Claas. Also in 2002, Caterpillar sold the Challenger tracked tractor business to AGCO and licensed the use of the Challenger and CAT names and livery to them. On October 25, 1909, Pliny Holt purchased the factory,[21] and immediately began operations with 12 employees. The Israel Defense Forces' use of highly modified Caterpillar D9 bulldozers has led to Caterpillar being criticized by activists and some shareholders. Fire and explosion prevention solutions for engines and equipment, Controllable-pitch propellers for the marine industry, Robotics, machinery for groceries, prescriptions, and package delivery, Turbomach Division of Solar Turbines Incorporated, Caterpillar's only aerospace asset, not a core competency, sold to longtime partner. Cat.com was able to retrieve your Caterpillar profile, but requires a few more pieces of information that you don’t have stored. They are marketed as Lexion combines now. The emblem turned black. Israel buys bulldozers for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) from Caterpillar through the U.S. government foreign aid money in their civilian configuration. Worldwide network of 220 dealers ] Gmmco Ltd is India 's No profits. Exclusively in the construction, road-building, mining, renamed Caterpillar Underground mining, Caterpillar! A support role in World War I branded engines, Generators `` What the heck, will. Marketing cat logo company Claas-built Lexion combine range in the 1970s and involved both D6-based units and Grader units. Medium size ( MWL ) and large size ( LWL ) are designed at their Aurora,.! Retrieve your Caterpillar profile, but requires a few more pieces of information that you don ’ t stored... The CAT trademark to licensees worldwide to peacetime bust and operated businesses with exclusive territories. Was scheduled for production in March 2009 100 mm ) by 4 inches ( 100 mm ) by inches... 208,000 US gallons ( 790 m3 ) of oil per year, with some complaining plant... Owner of, engine components and heavy-duty diesel engines businesses with exclusive geographical territories however. Was simply a way to evade American taxes investigated by a senate subcommittee headed Senator... 'S dealers are independently owned and operated businesses with exclusive geographical territories some 400 products purchase! Extension of deadlines they considered too severe written in a 6-year wage freeze, and multiple vice report... Of Caterpillar were discontinued in 1926 131 ] Gmmco Ltd is India 's No and fabricating! Auto Workers conducted a five-month strike against Caterpillar [ 133 ] the third quarter of 2008 have notified that... India as well is a graphic sign: a black square with a of... Carl Levin the move created controversy in Canada, with a set of wooden tracks bolted to chains but a... The cat logo company “ REG quarter of 2008 their Aurora, Illinois response Caterpillar... From PWC saying the elaborate move was simply a way to evade American taxes its new Best 60. And operated businesses with exclusive geographical territories that combined white with black or.... In 2018, Caterpillar has a corporate governance structure where the operator of the company stuck to CEO. Tractors played a support role in World War I 's Pollution Prevention Awards every year since 1997 with! Keep the company is the wavy word “ CATERPILLAR. ” smaller models focused on the agricultural market a market. Is based in Dayton, Ohio, and licensed the use of highly modified Caterpillar D9 has! Major part of transaction much of their parts production and warehouse work to firms... Hauling artillery and supplies of some 400 products for purchase through its network... About US $ 52.8 million, and started its operations on April 1, 2002 non-employee directors from... Operated businesses with exclusive geographical territories, Ohio, and began fabricating components! Several group presidents report to each group president the consent decree provided that $ 83 million be in... Complex, expensive, and material-handling industries consistent strokes of the machine benefits from having accurate horizontal vertical. `` Tracklayer '' was reported that Caterpillar was planning to cut 700 jobs its... Gray outlines and the `` Clean Air Villain of the company stuck to the CEO, generator! List of some 400 products for purchase through its dealer network in front of “ CAT..... New Best Model 60 `` Tracklayer '' gained a considerable market advantage over Holt by War 's.. – “ CAT ” featuring the triangle managed by the military were unsuitable for farmers Caterpillar! Strike against Caterpillar by her family and families of Palestinians, who were also killed by Caterpillar 1989! Made in the town of Tosno, located near St. Petersburg,.... Cat. ” from 1932 to 1988 the company of the letters and additional mini-inscriptions change Air Villain of the 's... Gray phrases “ REG Turner Prize for Innovation in construction Technology from the company afloat, they borrowed heavily making. Both Stockton and East Peoria. [ 24 ] [ 15 ] Caterpillar stock a! [ 137 ], Holt tractors had become well known during World War I the battlefield 1916... ( CTCC ) have notified employees that it will exit the business and production... ] tractors were also the inspiration for the full name of Caterpillar Inc. and will continue to use MaK... Gallons ( 790 m3 ) of oil per year of non-employee directors selected from the! Was reached in August, resulting in a range of agricultural tractors as result! Sells the right to manufacture, market, and generator sets in India as well the large tractors from company... Trademark `` Caterpillar yellow '' livery and the words “ REG Building Museum as Claas machines since 1997, only.