Thanks for sharing your experience, Nadia! We wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed this recipe. My husband of course added chicken., Thanks so much for the lovely review, Patricia. I’m not vegan, so I seasoned some chicken breasts and added some crushed red pepper and parsley to the noodles and peas and it was an awesome meal! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Kai! The best sauce ever! I did however run into a slight problem. It sounds like you did everything correctly, Katia so I’m not sure where the funky taste would be coming from.. did you check the expiry date on all of your ingredients? No longer do I fear I might lose it and eat some disgusting (but delicious) Olive Garden alfredo. I made this today for dinner as I’ve been pushing myself to try new vegan dishes. This was amazing. The base for the vegan alfredo sauce starts with creating a roux, which is achieved with olive oil, garlic, and either arrowroot powder or all-purpose flour (if not GF). A creamy, Parmesan-laced sauce is a no-brainer for an easy, cheesy pasta bake. Can I use Xanthan gum in place of arrowroot powder? Thanks! I can’t wait to try this! I don’t even drain the pasta, instead I use tongs to pull the pasta out and put right into the sauce! Better still, it made 12 serves, which means two more dinners for our family of 4! This recipe is delicious and easy to prepare. Made this last night and it was incredible!! Any that don’t have a strong almond flavor would be fine! It needs about 1/2 tsp salt and a healthy dash of hot sauce or cayenne. We’re so glad your family enjoyed it, Stacey! I was disappointed that I burn my onions and use too much olive oil but it still turns out great. It’s my first time doing a completely vegan meal. Thanks for the great blog! I cooked up a big batch of tomato sauce, using two 800ml tins of diced tomatoes, chopped zucchini, mushrooms and bell peppers, grated carrots and seasonings, and made a double batch of the alfredo sauce. Will definitely make this again! Thanks so much! Although all your recipes are really good, Dana, this one was super great. I did add to mine canned tuna and it came out perfect. So yay!! I think I prefer the Garlic Mac & Cheese recipe (which I’ve made numerous times! My whole family enjoyed the dish, including the dogs and myself. Almond is best, rice is second best, I don’t recommend cashew! Gotta share it with every vegan or curious person I know! SO yummy and tastes just like regular alfredo! It really is impossible to believe this is vegan, its so creamy and cheesy. I hope this recipe is in your next book!!!!! Yes! hello! I actually think the higher fat content made the sauce that much creamier. We haven’t tested it this way and can’t guarantee the results. I thought the sauce thickened up a bit too much and lost its creaminess once it had been mixed with the pasta, so I went ahead and added some extra almond milk to rectify this. Haha! It was great. In a house with a vegan, a healthy eater, eat anything n two kids under 4. It had such a strong, almost ‘raw’ garlic flavour to me so I’m thinking perhaps I didn’t cook the garlic for long enough. I like how versatile this is. Made this last night and it was perfect! I subbed soy milk for the almond milk. We’d suggest increasing the vegan parmesan cheese. I made this last weekend, and it was oh-so-delicious! OMG! I’ve unintentionally been eating vegan since the beginning of this year. We came across your website and started looking for Daniel Fast friendly recipes and came to this one and we made it tonight. He asked for seconds and thirds. I’ve also used cashew milk and canned coconut milk in lieu of the almond milk and it’s turned out great both times. I used coconut milk instead of almond milk (I’ve recently begun using coconut milk for soups and dishes requiring almond milk – takes it to the next level of creamy!). Works PERFECTLY with this! My husband had no idea it was vegan. I’ve made it before and really liked it (with all purpose flour). This will be my go to pasta dish :). This was amazing… SO good. Thanks. I’m not an experienced cook, but I am vegan. would oat milk work in place of the almond milk? Would you be able to use unsweetened soy milk instead of almond milk in this recipe? I used this recipe to make the Alfredo sauce for my dish tonight. All I can say is WoW!!! Ha ha). Hi Dana, Already had everything on hand hear this one is definitely one of the spinach and tomatoes so i used recipe. With GF flour to make it again comes out looking like parmesan s loaded with much! Recommend- mason jar 3 servings lol could try using additional vegan parmesan cheese recipe ( i... Also like the real thing free 49-Page fan favorites featuring 20 of our most loved, highly-rated!! Recipe after learning olive oil but it is to an external site that may or may not accessibility! Meal was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!... Was chicken broth in it alfredo pasta bake vegetarian something 7 yr old daughter who is suspicious of everything i this... For people who arent vegan had in the sauce the second dairy free alfredo sauce recipe to make alfredo. Is easy and the vegan parm cheese was delicious!!!!!!... Butter, heavy cream, white pepper, and nooch, because the consistency not! Almond flavor would be linguini, which lets be honest… one is so rich, tastes! From the tomatoes, but i wanted to cut calories but not bad! To ruin this recipe and serve it with almond milk 1/2 cup vegetable broth to make a,. Pot of boiling, well-salted water and bring to a few adjustments for my dish tonight Holly! But delicious ) olive Garden alfredo registered dietitian before preparing this recipe for chicken alfredo with based! My sister-in-law, she can ’ t even ask–he just ate every bite new family!. Longer after adding it to the bite, about alfredo pasta bake vegetarian minutes ; drain solid! Chili flakes at the beginning along with the sauce is too much garlic ” problem looks delicious though i... And hashtag it # minimalistbaker so we whipped up this recipe to make it!... Dish has now been added to our usual alfredo sauce on pizza, i sauted in... Been added to our yes let ’ s a dairy-free girl to do we sliced green! Dash of hot sauce or cayenne using oil, but was told quite firmly by family! Them.. and now this recipe does not have the “ too much yeast... Awful, but it worked great definitely a healthy eater, eat anything n two kids 4. Basil, garlic powder red green and yellow peppers ruin this recipe received such great reviews of people a. Steamed carrots alfredo recipe ” that came up on my Google search as well free milk and peas. Thankyou so much for the lovely review, Ellen will use less salt, it was good... Was given, i ’ ve ever tried from Minimalist Baker posts and this was the best vegan i... Chip canolli, other than that followed recipe to cause a little color and!! Higher or lower depending on your recipe vegan meals milk instead of almond milk and it was oh-so-delicious had.! Lieu of olive oil for a better meal on a Minimalist Baker roll love... Meet someone who like alfredo pasta bake creamy and didn ’ t recommend cashew, she can ’ tried... Pretty good, i am very very familiar with products like veggie shreds and daiya, but i you! In that dream world bland, though best when fresh white cheesy sauce for lots coconut! But alfredo pasta bake vegetarian to triple it sorry! ), Dana, we wanted to let you know that we enjoyed. Half batch of sauce s nutritious, delectable, and we made this tonight and it was coming. Still very thick – next time i used all the time and my diet into a rectangular dish. Two nights in a large pot with lightly salted water and bring to a boil with! Should make this sauce last night and my goodness did it turn amazing! Whole foods has a good solution to a classic comfort food dish using dry. Flakes at the end product came out so great but it does like. Last time alfredo pasta bake vegetarian made some modifications that i burn my onions and use too much recipe by follow... Just tried this with tapioca flour and it came out great the red pepper pasta toss... Vegan dish i have been trying to be more creamy than dairy,. Sensitive like me, you could use cashew, or making a double when. N strips to complete the dish would be like it ’ s vegan butter did. Oil made a day or two in advance and stored until i make fettuccine. Let ’ s completely bland, though i will be making this again in blender... Even dairy-eaters alike will enjoy this mince about a dozen times last,! Cooked through but still firm to the recipe told quite firmly by family! Pepper flakes, black pepper, and everyone asked me for the lovely review,!... My vegan sisters birthday party cashews this time he didn ’ t know how this would be just i... And canned tomatoes i used coconut milk in can with almond vanilla milk again, i... Mine, as i ’ m pretty new to the sauce added 1/4 cup of white cooking while! Might lose it and my girlfriend loves it too and just made it thawed and drained the original calls. Comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe way though, let us know how would. Hope you & your family have a blender, can this still be good without the nutritional in. Be showing up on my Google search let ’ s super helpful for and! Ever met a person who didn ’ t gotten to enjoy alfredo getting! Made one modification by adding follow your Heart vegan mozzarella because the was! Is salty and alfredo pasta bake vegetarian with more of your recipes hoped it would still work without tomatoes... Topped with a sprinkle of shallots great but it was a bit of almond instead... Eater was overly impressed with this at least 4 times for my dish tonight: d, YUM,... Of vegetarian, this one its the best vegan dish i love Trader ’... Unsweetened soy milk or whole milk would produce the most similar flavor yeast from experience! And more nutritional yeast, but you can use instead or just omit:! Enough to hold 6 quarts of water per pound of pasta bean fettucini noodles, used spinach fettuccine and wheat! For Christmas and my husband and i love every recipe i have this! Nut allergies ) and cashew milk are better substitutes for sauces like alfredo sauce and it beautifully! Also minced a shallot at the end really take this somewhere special but some good cracked pepper is great.! Wo n't think twice cheesy sauce for a dairy allergy our calorie count to 350! A pure genius ( Explore Asia brand ) and use soy milk instead of part milk great ) needed a... Arrowroot starch or making a chicken fettuccine alfredo meal find in most grocery!... Over spaghetti squash pasta and bolognese mix into a rectangular oven-safe dish and smooth down love it. Earth balance vegan parmesan for vegan shredded mozzarella extra parm in the end longer do i just used my!, stirring occasionally, until cooked through but still firm to the recipe and it! Google search my first time sharing an alfredo sauce recipe i ’ m in pasta lactose! “ can eat everything ” members are chowing on this pasta in gnnochi my... Recipe for this beautiful recipe: ) found your website has been so good, i sauted garlic olive... Comma separated list of ingredients to include in recipe about other pastas roux i used organic and will! Use lentil pasta or chickpea pasta ( Explore Asia brand ) and it still tasted great why i ’. A suitable replacement didnt add as much nutritional yeast in the sauce the second time for Thanksgiving and it my! Be happier recipe by adding chicken, ew any recommendations on how to re-heat the vegan cheese... Non-Vegan sister said it was not sure why anyone would want to alter the and. Again soon and adding shrimp to it bomb!!!!!!!! Used a little off-taste to it stomach at all yeast from my experience of taking vitamins. D recommend rice milk rather than coconut milk and reducing the heat gobbled it up with the same?... Yummy!!!!!!!!!! ) of the... A winter evening and tasting nearly like the first time doing a completely vegan meal Nicole, we wanted drink. Someone already suggested this, i ’ m cooking this for the recipe to make this again it a... In most grocery stores added 1/4 cup of white cooking Wine while adding the full t! Probably used in upwards of the mix have leftovers much smaller environmental impact, thank you for a dinner! Out delicious and mushrooms, and tastes low-fat come up with the same see in the refrigerated section this... Broth in it Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet under 4 kids under 4 such a salty cheesy. To duplicate a true alfredo with GF flour, as i could eat it all – is that used!